WearThatART Fills Up A big Gap Between Curated Galleries and Online Art Sites

One does not have to be a billionaire to possess artworks whose values one wishes to appreciate fully. There is an emerging trend in the art market aiming at filling the gap between craft-oriented websites such as Etsy and high-end auction houses like Sotheby’s: online art sales. Targeting middle-class consumers, companies such as Paddle8, Amazon Art, Artline, or Ziibra seek to create a personal connection between buyer and artist, to let the buyer actively decide their favourite artist instead of being fed by curators, gallarists, and people at prestigious auction houses names of those artists these people have decided to be noteworthy. In the face of the long-condemned hierarchical and elitist side of the art world, the proliferation of art-sales websites can be interpreted as a form of critical response to this lasting problem. In the age of advanced technology, the Internet comes to embrace the role of a virtual museum or auction house into which art lovers who are interested in purchasing artworks can have direct access. This process of democratization of art business is a welcoming development, as it is beneficial not only to the buyer but also to the artist: within the formal art market, artists often have to rely on institutions to build up their reputation and cannot interact directly with their buyers; now, with art-sales websites, artists are given much more opportunities to marketing themselves as well as their works.

Wear That ART , as one of the newly created art-sales websites, fits perfectly into this description, as it provides art lovers with the possibility of owning artworks in the most pragmatic manner: by wearing them. That is not to say that the motto “art for art’s sake” has completely been annihilated in the age of digital art dealing. What is of significance is not preserving the abstraction of art, detaching it from every day life, for doing so would strip art off all meaning. The best way to express one’s appreciation of a work of art is to integrate it into one’s life, to make it a part of one’s pleasure in the most tangible way. In addition to regular sorting features such as price, popularity and newness, Wear That Art also gives the audience and prospective buyer the artist browsing option. Each product is presented with the name of the artist who designs it, which makes it not merely a mass-produced piece of clothes, as often perceived, but a work of art, whose values do not only lie in the quality of its texture or the trendiness of its design but also in its artistic investment. There is something very personal in each and every image printed on the product, something that is vastly different from the industrial designs we often get from our shopping experience. Furthermore, this move against the anonymity of the artist, as previously mentioned, strengthens the connection between artist and buyer: one may want to purchase all the products of a particular artist whose style one finds to be appealing. Consequently, the act of buying clothes is transformed into one of collecting art. And it is through such act that one’s appreciation of the artwork and the artist is expressed most vividly, least pretentiously.


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