The Viewing of China by American Artists – 2016 Wuhan Invitation Call To Artists

The Viewing of China by American Artists —- 2016 Wuhan
                                                                                                 January 14,2016
Dear Artists,
As sponsored by Foreign Affair Office, Culture Bureau, Tourism Bureau of Wuhan Municipal Government of China,Us-China Culture & Communication Association; Co-sponsored by Propaganda Department of Longgang district of Shenzhen municipal government and Shenzhen Dafen Management Office of Oil Painting Village ; and support by the Wuhan Zhongyi Culture Development Co., Ltd; We are hereby sincerely invite you to attend the event of The First The Viewing of China by American Artists — Wuhan 2016,to exhibiting your artworks of Wuhan’s new  viewing by travailing, painting there in person in China.
As a sister exhibition of successful exhibited “U.S. in Chinese Painter’ Perspective”, The First The Viewing of China by American Artists — Wuhan 2016 will scheduled from 3/28/2016 to 4/9/2016 in Wuhan and Shenzhen in China,
Wuhan city, as the biggest city in center area of China, is not only the capital of Hubei province, but also one of historic and cultural city in China. There are over hundred of mountains,interweave with 166 lakes and rivers. The unique landscapes and scenarios of Wuhan also has been  known as the “Chicago of China”. we believe by your viewing and your creative of artworks, the Wuhan will been better known by Americans, and your participating will bring Wuhan more contemporary, multiple of international  culture and art.
By then, we will show you the view in the eyes of American painters to Wuhan by the painting, and introduce the Wuhan tourism scenic spots into
multiple perspectives. We also want to add more international elements into art and culture communication for Wuhan.
This program are including of painting from life, exhibition, collection,  and publishing of artworks,for 13 days(8 days in Wuhan and 4 days inShenzhen), and the all China’s cost will be supported by organizers, exclude of air ticket between US and China.
Painting From Life – Each artist will completed 5 art works in 6 days during the painting from life in Wuhan area,the pictures should reflect the contemporary Chinese social reality and scenic spots to highlight the characteristics of the city. (All the painting material and art supplies will be provided by the organizers),
Exhibition – The exhibition of art works will showing artists’ global view, the   organizer will framing and proved the place to exhibit the art works for five days.(the size of each work will withthin one meter.) During the exhibition, the organizers will arrange some activities(with interpreter) to communicate with local artists, to meet and talk to the audience and to visit the museums. We will take you to a special experience artistic and culture.
Collection – The organizers will arrange a donation/collection ceremony, each artist will donate one of his/her art works to organizer for collection forever.
Publishing of Artworks – The organizers will publishing an album of painting which include all of the exhibited pictures.
During the program, the organizers will provide the following events and services:
(1) Organizing the artist to visit the famous scenic spots around Wuhan.
(2) News Conference, Media Interview, and Internet Platform Referrals.
(3) Opening Ceremony,reception of Exhibition
(4) Set a meeting and forum between American artists and Chinese artists,
(5) Visiting Dafen Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen for a art activity.(for 4 days)
(6) Official publishing of the Album of paintings of “the Viewing of China by American Artists — 2016 Wuhan” and will give 10 copies to each artists for free.
(7)The organizers will arrange a donation/ collection ceremony  for your art work, and will be filmed into the discs as a souvenir for artists.
(8)The organizers will provide the hotel, transportation and dinning during the art activity in China.
Thank you for your support!
The artists need to provide the following electronic files:
1. Your resume
2, Three of your art works.
3. An essay about the art.
4. Your valid mailing address.
Please send the file to the following email: and


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