WearThatART, an International Home Grown Company

You know how hanging out in a local cafe can be more rewarding than paying for the pleasure of going through the more routine experience of a multinational corporation like Starbucks, with its production line comforts intended for people more interested in the speed of the wifi than the taste of the coffee? Also how eating in the homely surroundings of a restaurant that runs as a family business feels infinitely more rewarding than popping into the bizarre corporate nightmare of McDonalds?


Well we hope that you feel a similar experience when you browse through our products at WearThatART rather than a high street shop. By choosing to buy clothes here, not only are you supporting creative people who make art, you’re advocating a project that is in itself a creative endeavour. Let us share our story with you…

The business started in 2011 as a coming together of minds in a place very close to our hearts, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. From that discussion we knew that our enthusiasm and collaborative spirit was a great foundation to build upon. The seeds of this dream came from a discussion about using clothing as a mobile canvas for great art that allowed amazing paintings to be turned into a fashionable expression of style. We registered our incredibly small company, and with the production of garments featuring the work of just one very talented artist from Chile, the dream became a reality.

Throughout these early stages we experimented with new ideas and slowly developed our team. Amazingly, these days all of the communication and business is done by one person in San Francisco, and thanks to the magic of the internet we have been able to select a creative online team from remote freelance workers in Mexico, the Philippines and India. Our communications with all of our workers are built on respect and trust, meaning that not only can we proudly refer to WearThatART as an ‘international family business’, but you can rest assured that by getting a WearThatART garment you know that you’re doing your bit to cut down on the practice of exploiting sweatshop workers. In case you were wondering, we are 100% cruelty free, so no animal testing has gone into the manufacture of any of our products.

As the business developed, we slowly expanded the body of artists that we support. We discovered artists throughout the world and have given them a sturdy pedestal from which to display their genius.

This brings us to the most important point. As a customer, you’re investing in a WearThatART garment because you know that it is a great product which both looks great and feels amazing. Because we use Direct to Garment printing, a technology that injects the ink into the surface then uses a heat press to seal it into our 100% cotton shirts, when you wear them you will know immediately that it is a high quality product, which is machine washable and will last a very long time.


WearThatART  San Francisco Company

*Limited edition art t- shirts


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