Anything can be made into art, yes, included potholes. Commonly…

Anything can be made into art, yes, included potholes. Commonly perceived as the most detested nuisance for drivers, with a little bit of creativity, potholes in the streets of Chicago have been reborn into stunning mosaics under the hand of Jim Bachor. Inspired by ancient mosaic art from his visit to Europe in the 1990s, Bachor began his project to transform such ugly presence into works of art. The image has been warmly welcomed as a positive change from the troublesome cracks in the road. While there is no denying that his creation is admirable artistically speaking, and his intention applaudable, the true value of these artworks as contribution to the public is rather ambiguous. In order to make those potholes into mosaics, Bachor has to work on the street, which poses imminent risk not only to the artist himself but also to people driving. Taking this into account, the artist wears orange vest and equips himself with industrial traffic cones, as safety measures so that vehicles may think he is a city worker. He certainly did not mention about obstructing the traffic, but one may imagine how his operation may eventually lead to such consequence. Furthermore, the stunning beauty of his mosaics may very well contain a negative aspect, as they can distract drivers and can eventually contribute to a heightened risk of accident. It is, therefore, a matter of time before the city authority takes notice and ask him to stop, even though for now, Bachor is free to continue with his creative public art project.

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