William Grob


London, UK.

William Grob takes many influences from the rural aesthetic he was raised in

with his influences originating from natural elements, ornate stonework and

his carnal intrigue of fire.  Struggling to verbally communicate in his younger

years William chose instead to express himself pictorially and physically

through the inspiration of the great expressionist painters Paul Gauguin, Henri

Matisse and Van Gogh.  He is an artist who uses photography and Painting

as a means of communication, by integrating paint with photograph he gives

the ability to add multiple points of perspective. What we perceive is not what

we necessarily see when we live in a world which holds no truths and no

answers, only beliefs. His belief is in seeing more and showing both a

physical truth and an emotive honesty. Photography holds as many lies as

truths so by synthesizing painting with photographs he projects a visualisation

that captures both the instant, and the immortal.


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