Todd Frazer

Huntington, West Virginia, USA

My name is TodD Frazer.  I have had a love for Art since I was a young child.  I started at three years old drawing the Charlie Brown characters from the Sunday Comics.  Throughout my childhood and teen years I continued to draw, developing a love for Comic Book style Art.  I began taking summer Art classes during middle school to broaden my skills.  My relationship with Art was felt deeply.
I truly wanted to find a way to make Art a career.  In the area I grew up in, Art was not excepted as a job.  So after being repeatedly told, “Creating Art is no way to make money,”  I began to give up on my dream as an Artist.  I started working the typical 9-5 feeling very unsatisfied with the direction my life was headed.  Drinking became my way to find happiness and to fill an empty void I had felt for a long time.  After many years of struggle and Alcoholism, I came to the light.  This path has a new meaning to me and Art has found it’s way back into it.  Life and Art are now one in the same.   “Art to me is overcoming fear and finding compromise.” ~TodD Frazer

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