Mike Carroll

Kindley Field, Bermuda   (1962-                )

I’ve always loved art and was always intrigued by comic books while growing up. I was always doodling during regular classes while in elementary school and always wanted to be some type of artist.

After high school I really got my start in art by doing some political cartoons with my school’s (WWU) newspaper. The original editorial cartoonist went to Europe to study for a year so I was given a shot at it. I loved it. I soon began to like the writing side as much or more than the actual illustrating side of cartooning. Too me, the writing had to be there. But, at the same time I realized that to convey different emotions or to even get ones point across required the illustration.

As a political cartoonist I have won many awards for my cartooning and was published as a political cartoonist for many years in various newspapers.  I did win the SPJ/SDX journalism award for my political cartoons when I was in college.  I won the regional competition for a couple of years and then on my final year in college I won the National Award for editorial cartooning which was the “best collegiate political cartoonist” in the U.S.

Gag cartooning became a perfect fit after doing political cartooning for a while. After graduating with a B.S. in Political Science from EWU and a B.A. in Art from WWU I have been freelancing ever since.


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