Martin Hurtado

San Francisco, CA, USA  (1986 –            )

Martin Hurtado is a San Francisco born first generation Mexican American who grew up in San Francisco’s Excelsior district and lived most of his adult  life  South San Francisco. Martin received his A.A degree in Illustration from Academy of Art University San francisco. Martin spends his days painting and creating art , playing Magic The Gathering and electric Guitar . At an early age Martin never really excelled in other school subjects but soon  acquired an interest in painting and drawing by taking art classes throughout high school and later winning awards and displaying his artwork at galleries.

My work has always been about my identity , about who i am and where I’m going in life. Being a Mexican American i have been living two lives in one. Mexican at home and american outside and together it has created my artistic voice. My work can be be comical , my work can be spiritual in the end its always new and fresh.”

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