Marina Lizorkina

Russia  (1983 –             )

My name is Marina Lizorkina and I’m a Russian artist based in Moscow. I was always belonged to the world of art, but never studied painting. All of my paints comes from inside of my heart.  My works are mainly has a social meaning. I prefer to work in surrealism, abstractionism, neo-expressionism and neo-constructivism styles. My first personal exhibition was held in 2009. This was a unique project that encourages the viewer to be more sympathetic to vulnerable members of society.

I would like to push viewer’s outlook by my art, to awake some new emotions inside of viewer’s soul, put fresh ideas inside of viewer’s head.


“Sansara” Art-café “Bubble”. Moscow, 2008.

“All depends on V.A.S” Gallery “Na Chistih Prudah”. Moscow, 2009.

“Blossom” Gallery “Noah” Moscow, 2012.

“Tree people” Gallery “Tribeca Art Factory”. New York,  2016.



Russian Art Week, 2009, 2010. Moscow

Crocus Art Expo,  Moscow 2011.

Collaboration Friday Night Live Art. New York, 2016.

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