Macarena Jiménez

Santiago, Chile (1985-          )

Maca Jota. She is a visual artists, primarily working in sculptures and paintings. She majored in Fine Arts from2006-2007. Although she did not complete her studies in the arts, her passion and dedication has been the driving force to continue participating in the Arts. As a self taught artist she has participated in varies showcases. In 2007, she participated in a collective of style and technique: Group 3, sculpture, and group 6 photography. In May 2010, her work was displayed at Colectivo y Movimiento Artistico “No one knows me (No no nos conoce nadie)” “Accion Sudaca ( South American Action)” at el Centro Cultural La perra Arte. All of her work is authentic; they are made from pure feelings and sensations. Her work tends to present a mental disturbia.


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