Laura Barbosa

New Jersey, USA (1967 –         )

New Jersey Artist Laura Barbosa is a full time Painter living solely off her work and is collected on international level.

She has been published in Hair’s How Magazine, NY ARTS Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes & more. Her public collections are on permanent public display in Toms River, NJ at the community Medical Center. Laura’s Artwork has been featured on HGTV’s interior Design Show: Battles on the Block. Her Art is collected in the United States, Australia, Spain, The United Kingdom, and Canada. Laura’s work does not describe any one particular style, but rather her general attitude towards certain subjects or topics of our world. Her Paintings convey her individuality and spontaneous thoughts and idea. It’s like a journey into the deepest corner of Laura’s mind. Others have described Laura’s Barbosa’s Art as “An embarrassment of riches in a colorful world subconscious thinking”.



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