Heidi Bjork

Reykjavik, Iceland

Heidi Bjork was born in Reykjavik, Iceland & has been drawing & painting from an early age.
She loves using black & white watercolors to paint passion, love, romance & mystery.

“I’m fascinated by these subjects, love has many faces, most of us can relate to these emotions in our own relationships.
Many times I’ve been told that my artwork displays a raw energy. I like that. Iceland is a country full of raw energy, with hot springs & a very unique landscape.
I’m drawn to mysterious stories & characters. As a child I grew up with folk & fairy tales about ghosts, witchcraft & trolls.
Some of these stories are both beautiful & haunting at the same time, I like people to experience these emotions in my work.Having grown up in Iceland with long dark winters, I found the darkness both inspiring & beautiful. I often use darkness in my work.”

Heidi’s art has been shown worldwide & has been featured in art books.

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