James Daugherty, Hamilton County ( 1960-       )    Donna Daugherty, Chattanooga, TN ( 1959-       )

James and Donna Daugherty (Donet’)

It’s been said that two heads are better than one. This couldn’t be
truer for the artistic husband and wife duo, James and Donna Daugherty.

Donna is a nurse and freelance writer who creates whimsical cartoon
art. James is a musician who paints abstract landscapes.

They have two distinct styles and work independently on their own
projects. However, they also combine their talents through creative

The Daugherty’s were both born and raised in the southern United
States. They draw much of their inspiration and sense of humor from the
people and places of the South. Both of them also have family members
with artistic skills.

Donna dreamed of becoming a cartoonist when she was just three
years-old. She remembers her father handing her the “funny papers” and
trying to figure out what the characters were saying. Today she creates
her own characters, while James often helps her come up with funny stuff
for them to say.

James has been in the music industry for 30 years and has played with
some of the top musicians in the country. When he paints, he prefers to
do it outside. Donna will often peek out the window and see kids from
the neighborhood running around James’ easel – playing as he works.

As time has gone by, Donna has learned to be funnier and James has
learned to paint. The couple wants their art to let you see the world
through their eyes – whether it’s a serious or silly point of view.
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