Cheto Castellano

Santiago, Chile

Cheto Castellano is an autodidact visual artist and filmmaker. He was born in Chile but now leads a nomadic lifestyle between the Americas and Asia. His current work explores how colonialities of power, nature, and gender produce conditions of slavery and oppression for both human and non-human species He is the co-founder of Sin Kabeza Productions, a multimodal artist-activist research platform dedicated to the creation and dissemination of experimental transmedia that was recently for its socially engaged art practice by A Blade of Grass Foundation. Recent projects like Kiltr@ (2012), Revisiting Art Farm (2012), and SEEDBANK (2012), focus on the interplay between transmedia storytelling and multispecies fieldwork using visual anthropology, video installation and architectural design. Works like Seed:Visualscapes from the Future(2013), and, Aventuras Familiares(2011), approach ecological and political themes through the genre of science fiction. Castellano’s transmedia work has been exhibited and/or featured in dOCUMENTA(13), Institute of Cultural Inquiry-Berlin, Mix Queer Experimental Film Festival (NY), Berlin Porn Film Festival, Museum Sztuki (Poland), Studio 2224 (Taiwan). In the Sping of 2013 Castellano will be co-directing Open TV, an activist approach to experimental community television production at Sarai Reader 09 (India) and Donau Festival (Austria).



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