there was a new canvas for the artist to expose art, to make it “mobile.”

There were more ways to appreciate art other than simply looking at pieces in a curated environment…

We aim to create a new way for artists to bring exposure to their art through fashion: a look solely dedicated to art.

We offers the best quality Art-Tshirt collections.  Art no longer has to be visited to be appreciated.  Art goes with the person.

You and others who 1LOGONEWsmal1l  will know about a new artist from somewhere near or far. What these Art-Tshirts embody is

passionate appreciation for art. Wearing it and knowing the history behind your shirt makes you a “Maecenas,” a Patron.  Be a part of

Art history as it happens in real time by carrying a proof of it.  You are helping not only by purchasing a piece, but also displaying it

and making that art known to others.

We are curating our artists with very high standards as to who can be a part of this collection and how it gets promoted. We believe in

the public being the final judge of every piece of Art. We believe Social Media is our conduit through which this happens, so please like

us or follow us.

We have not forgotten that this is ART to be worn, so these 100% pure cotton shirts are fitted and very comfortable for all sizes.

 1LOGONEWsmal1l offers limited edition Art on a T-shirt, and a percentage of the proceeds of each shirt go to the Artists themselves.



100% ART, 100% cotton.


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