Romi Park

South Korea  (1985 –              )

Romi Park explores issues of mental health through her artwork. Her most recent pieces explore

the relationship between the Korean cultural concept of ‘Han’ (한) and Complex Post Traumatic

Stress Disorder (CPTSD).

Han is a concept that has no direct English translation. Some have defined it as an

all-encompassing sense of bitterness, a mixture of angst, endurance and a yearning for

revenge that tests a person’s soul, a condition marked by deep sorrow and a sense of

incompleteness that can have fatal consequences.

Though not arguing that the two are one in the same, Romi notes the resemblance between Han

and CPTSD, a disorder which is the result of an ongoing and repeated trauma experienced by an

individual. Using whatever materials are at her disposal, Romi creates art to give herself a voice

with which she can inquire and express.

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