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Understanding Time


By Ryan Demaree

This is an exploration of what time is, as well as what happens within it.In this painting I have kinda put things together that normally would not belong together, although are firly common objects with similar origins.

For example:Iceburg/ Lava/ Volcano/ Tropical plants/ City

These are things that tend to not be close with each other and are in fact polar opposites of each other. Lets consider the fact that space changes over time, things interact with and come into contact with other things that change them and rearrange them to a different state than before and over 100’s or even thousands of years of this and you could have what once was a beautiful lush rainforest be a barren, dead desert.Nothing is bound to stay the same forever, even small changes accumulate over time to form something new.Whether is takes a million years for a giant lake bed to transform into a grassland or 5 minutes for a city to be destroyed and turned to rubble.

Change is inevitable.



Product Description

Art By Ryan Demaree , Columbus Ohio.

I consider myself an Abstract-Surrealist painter who sticks to the traditional medium of paint to canvas most often, as it is the most enjoyable form of visual communication for me and I feel it is also the most raw. I call myself an “Abstract-Surrealist” painter/artist because I like to convey a Surreal concept with an Abstract aesthetic, I enjoy pushing the visual and conceptual boundaries within painting and feel that successful artwork is both pleasing to look at as well as something interesting to think about.

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