Andreana Rosnik

Detroit, MI  (1991 –                 )

Andreana Rosnik is the only child of two metro-Detroit natives, and before becoming a chemist she dreamed of becoming an illustrator. Upon returning from a post-bacc in Barcelona and beginning a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at UC-Berkeley, she slowly re-learned how much the creative can inform the analytic. 

In 2009 Andreana’s artwork was featured in the Cannon Tunnel of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. More recently, in 2016 several of her pieces have been shown on the UC-Berkeley campus in the Fletcher Lab Art Show and in the first annual Art Millennium Exhibition in San Francisco. She is a member of ArtSpan and hopes to feature her work in Open Studios 2017.

She continues to pursue scientific and artistic pursuits in parallel. Her current creative focus is on small scale illustrations: pen-and-ink drawings of the darker sides of human inner life, paint pen sketches of concentric blossoms, and colored pencil depictions of the natural and supernatural in the universe.


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